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Relation between consistent hand preference & fine motor skill behavior in children with Down syndrome (in progress)

Nelson, E.L., Short, A.D., Karimi, A. Long, K.L., Daunhauer, L.A. & Needham, A.W.

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Becoming Independent: Parental perceptions of the lived experiences of adolescents & emerging adults with Down syndrome (in progress)

For my master's thesis, I am conducting a qualitative study interviewing parents of children with Down syndrome ages 14-29 about their experiences with transitioning to adult-based services. 

Alt text: Two girls with Down syndrome sit in a wheelbarrow while a parent supports them. 
A woman with Down syndrome holds a battle rope as she exercises with her personal trainer.

Photo credit: Cliff Booth

Infant motor trajectories and language outcomes

I am currently working with Dr. Eliza Nelson on her NIH-funded project examining fine motor skill development, role-differentiated bimanual manipulation (RDBM), and language outcomes within a typically-developing infant population. 

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Alt text: A baby sits in a high chair as she manipulates a toy while her mother stabilizes it.
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